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AUTHOR: Cheryl Hodge

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"Alzheimer's, Dementia & The Healing Power of Music" by Cheryl Hodge, c. 2016 - Singalong Music tracks (Companion mp3s - PUBLIC DOMAIN)

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Cheryl Hodge is the founder of this type of therapy, which includes stretching, breathing exercises, singing exercises, singing songs, and sharing stories brought up from singing certain songs. To find out more, email: cherylhodge09@gmail.com AND VISIT: https://dementiasingalongtherapy.org


Mission Statement:

The Dementia Singalong Therapy Program is dedicated to sharing exercises with patients living with dementia-related diseases and brain damage, through a series of exercises which help to strengthen the brain’s memory and communication processes. We empower residents in houses and memory care units to create meaningful experiences which help to expand awareness and a sense of hope in the community.  


• Create ways to give residents and patients a sense of purpose.  

• Inspire caregivers and loved ones to find value in helping the 

  individual in need to communicate more effectively.                                                                                                                                                          

• Reduce loneliness, boredom, and a feeling of disconnection

  common in people living with Parkinsons, Alzheimer’s, and

  brain damage.                                                                                   

• Educate community and improve community awareness.                                                                                                                  

• Change the way dementia is viewed; not as a setback but as 

  an opportunity to grow. 

Recently, exciting discoveries have been made in relation to Music as a new approach to creating new neural pathways in people living with dementia-related diseases, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinsons. These methods can even be helpful for people coping with strokes, or brain injuries. This is accomplished through a series of stretches, breath work, diaphragmatic muscle work, scales, singing familiar old songs and finally sharing stored memories, brought up by singing certain songs. 

FROM CHERYL'S NEW BOOK with companion warm-ups and CDs:  "Alzheimer's, Dementia & the Healing Power of Music: Singalong Therapy"
To ORDER hardcover or ebook, email: hodgecheryl@hotmail.com OR thru this website.  Visit Facebook page! 
LOGGING PAGES from book:  CLICK HERE. Companion diary pages from "Alzheimer's, Dementia & the Healing Power of Music".  Keep track of your progress (or your patient's) daily by clicking on logging page diary.